Buffered Earnings LR,SS,LB

Congratulations to my blogs and myself he he..
This week i got buffered earnings again with campaigns named City Chain Titus Xmas LR.

Thanks to the advertiser for their trust to my blogs,and more more thanks to Nuffnang-Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising community.

The campaign that was been running on this blog before is Celcom Bold 3 SS,Citibank Ready Credit SS,AMP Era.FM LR,Nestle NHW How Am I SS,Celcom Raya Broadband LB.thanks for all best of the best advertiser.

Have anyone know what means SS,LB,LR in the end of campaigns name .?

MORAL-dah baca kena komen

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ken berkata...|Reply This Comment|

SS = skyscraper
LB = long banner
LR = large rectangle

Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

owhhh oic,i thinks something else...thanks otai KEN...

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