fuel saver tips-silverfish medicines can save petrol.?

Given today's high gasoline prices due to higher global oil prices and other factors, so many ways to save on petrol made optimal. Among pill use fuel saver. It seems now even have pills own car .. This method is proved effective but also expensive pills price..

actually there is a way adapted from the use of special pill fuel saver petrol saver ... Based on these studies and experiments by a team of engineers and automotive companies have things ni pon evidenced by them .. Which we can use as an alternative to Tiger Silverfish pill use fuel saver. Medicine is a silverfish is the thumb-shaped tablets of hand ... that we normally put in drawers or cupboards to avoid insects such as cockroaches and ants. Silverfish medicines are available easily and cheap everywhere. 
How to use this way must be followed to effect the optimal savings, * Go any petrol station to fill petrol and be sure to choose unleaded (without lead) only. * Please make a full input may be your car fuel tank .. why we do not want any air space in the fuel tank ... trying to Minimize or if does not have direct air space .. * If the petrol tank is full, you continue to include 2 seed in the form of pill medication silverfish just into the fuel tank and close as soon as possible with the strict purpose ... I do not respond with less gas in the air. * Ok then so you can Silverfish With Medication? Driving like normal .. and make sure you have reset your mileage meter to zero for the result you see the miracle later. This method has been proven to save 25% -30% by the use of petrol your car and no side effects directly, but function is just the medicine silverfish 99% with fuel saver tablets that are sold on the market .. just different forms of fuel saver smaller. Safe to try.. by/petua warisan.

Toyota to Replace Gas Pedals -- If Customers Complain

As if the numerous recalls involving Toyota Motor (TM) vehicles weren't already complicated enough, the automaker has told dealers that owners who aren't happy with repairs to accelerators pedals can swap them for new ones -- but only if customers complain, according to Toyota memo obtained Tuesday by the Associated Press.

The world's largest automaker has received dozens of complaints about the repairs, which involve some 4 million cars in the U.S. which were recalled in January to address unintended acceleration caused by "sticky" gas pedals. The fix involves placing a metal shim between gas pedal parts to ameliorate the sticking sensation that some owners have reported.

"A replacement pedal should only be offered to a customer after the reinforcement bar has been installed and the customer has expressed dissatisfaction with the operation and/or feel of the pedal," Toyota said in a memo to dealers, service managers and parts managers, AP reported.

According to the news agency, the February 2010 memo said the pedal replacement "is based upon specific customer request only. Dealers are not to solicit pedal replacement." The memo was first reported on by The New York Times.

To satisfy owners who are unhappy with repairs to their vehicles, dealers can provide a replacement pedal at no charge.
Number of Complaints About Repairs is "Very Low"

Toyota is replacing the pedals at the request of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which asked that replacement pedals be provided as part of the recall, Toyota spokesman Brian R. Lyons told the Times. More than 60 complaints have been logged by Toyota owners who have had the repairs and afterward experienced unintended acceleration in their vehicles.

Toyota has so far repaired 1.3 million vehicles. The number of consumer complaints about the repairs is "very low," Lyons told the Times. "There have been cases where the pedal feel was not satisfactory to the consumer or the dealer," he said. "In those cases, a new pedal has been put in."

The recall is separate from one involving bulky floor mats that may pin the gas pedal to the floor, although some vehicles are subject to both recalls. That repair involves trimming gas pedals to shorten their length, and in some models, reshaping the area of the floor beneath the pedal.

Toyota officials have repeatedly denied that electronics could be a source of unintended acceleration, which federal regulators blame for more than 50 deaths of passengers in Toyota vehicles..

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three easy tips to be the best fuel saver in your town

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Car Fuel Savers - Save Money on Gas With a Simple Car Conversion

We do not even realize that the purchase price of a car is a small part of what we we pay over the life of the vehicle. This is especially true if we finance, which, of course, most of us do. Then, of course, the purchase price is irrelevant because the payments just gets added to your monthly expenses. When purchasing a car, it is always better to consider the long term costs of owning the vehicle. You would be far less inclined to purchase a house that you knew would cost a lot of money in the long-term, so why do we not make our car purchases with the same considerations in mind.

Even the least expensive vehicle where the sticker price is concerned, will cost at least $500 a month just in insurance and gas. Not even including regular servicing and maintenance, this is a steep monthly price to pay. In addition, the price of gas and insurance are both going up all the time. What can we do to help reduce those costs?

First, by practicing more conservative driving habits, we can have a positive effect on both our insurance rate and our consumption of fuel. Many insurance companies now have "smart boxes" which can actually measure how and where and when you drive and if your driving habits are low risk, you can benefit from preferred rates.

There is also a kit available for purchase that you can install easily in your vehicle that will reduce your fuel consumption by 50%. This kit works by separating molecules of water into combustible materials, that is then combined with your existing fuel to save gas.
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