three easy tips to be the best fuel saver in your town

fuel saver
In today's world, everyone is looking for ways to save money. One of the main ways people try to save money is with fuel saving ideas. Do fuel Savers work? There are a few simple ways to spend less money at the gas pump that, when followed correctly, definitely work.
First, you have to keep your fuel system clean. When the inside of your engine is clean and free of debris that mixes with your gas, your car will get more mileage per gallon than usual. Some products that have been shown to clean fuel systems are BG 44K, Chevron Techron, and Sea Foam. These products have all been tried and work according to customer reviews as opposed to other products that seem to appear from thin air as soon as gas prices skyrocket. These are easily found at any hardware store and all work to clean out your fuel system therefore cleaning up deposits found in your engine and increasing your fuel economy.
Besides cleaning your fuel system, you have to keep the rest of your engine clean. Get regular oil changes, change your air filter when you're scheduled for a new one, and keep up on the other gadgets inside your engine. Although they may cost money now to replace and change, it is much less expensive than fixing them when they break later or having to replace your engine entirely. Keep up the maintenance on your car and you will save money.
Second, it is a good idea to check your tire pressure. An easy way to answer the question Do fuel Savers work []? is to test it with one car that has correct tire pressure and one car that doesn't. When a tire doesn't have the correct air pressure, it causes more energy to make the car run because it has all the drag of the extra room in the under-inflated tire. When you use more energy, you use more gas, therefore proving that a correctly inflated tire would save you gas and in turn, save you money. Every car's guidebook tells you what the correct tire pressure is for that car so check and make sure you get your tires up to the correct tire pressure.
Third and finally, a great fuel saver idea is to watch your speed. Besides the fear of getting a ticket for speeding, when you speed, you use a lot more gas and use it faster than when you go the limit or go slowly. Save money on gas and speeding tickets by driving the speed limit.
I am on a personal mission to keep the earth "Green" one person at a time. I'm letting people know that you can save money on Gasoline and reduce carbon emissions at the same time. If you care about the environment and saving money at the pump, check out this link. Best Fuel Saver [] art by Robert_Clemm

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