Car Fuel Savers - Save Money on Gas With a Simple Car Conversion

We do not even realize that the purchase price of a car is a small part of what we we pay over the life of the vehicle. This is especially true if we finance, which, of course, most of us do. Then, of course, the purchase price is irrelevant because the payments just gets added to your monthly expenses. When purchasing a car, it is always better to consider the long term costs of owning the vehicle. You would be far less inclined to purchase a house that you knew would cost a lot of money in the long-term, so why do we not make our car purchases with the same considerations in mind.

Even the least expensive vehicle where the sticker price is concerned, will cost at least $500 a month just in insurance and gas. Not even including regular servicing and maintenance, this is a steep monthly price to pay. In addition, the price of gas and insurance are both going up all the time. What can we do to help reduce those costs?

First, by practicing more conservative driving habits, we can have a positive effect on both our insurance rate and our consumption of fuel. Many insurance companies now have "smart boxes" which can actually measure how and where and when you drive and if your driving habits are low risk, you can benefit from preferred rates.

There is also a kit available for purchase that you can install easily in your vehicle that will reduce your fuel consumption by 50%. This kit works by separating molecules of water into combustible materials, that is then combined with your existing fuel to save gas.
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