neonode N2-world smallest phone made in malaysia

The most recent developments in mobile phone technology is the new popularity of the touch screen. Neonode N2 uses advanced touch screen, the touch screen zForce optical. The phone uses patented edge ‘neno’ user interface and ‘zForce optical touch screen technology, offering users an intuitive and easy to navigate.and it is made in malaysia,simply cool..

Running on Microsoft's Windows CE 5.0 operating system,The N2's 65k color 176x220 pixel resolution touchscreen makes up 2 of its 3" length. Since there really is no room for buttons or a keypad, all commands are done by touch on the N2's display.

The patented screen technology utilizes light beams that form an invisible grid on the screen and detect when a finger crosses any of the light beams. A simple touch or drag of the finger starts the N2's many features such as dialing up a friend, sending an SMS, watching videos, or taking photos with the N2's on-board 2 megapixel camera.

also support 32GB memory card,and battery life up to 8days stanby time,This GSM/GPRS device will come unlocked and can be used on any of the four typical GSM frequency bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz). Other highlights include Bluetooth and an MP3/WMA/WAV media player,games

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