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To make a change one doesn’t have to move mountains.  About a month ago, we made a pledge together with Churp Churp and MilkADeal for the TLC Promise Me Season 2 initiative. Remember this post here? Thanks to the generosity of the community we’ve already raised some money for the pledge, but we still have much more to go and we need your support to fulfill Rumah Aman‘s wish to upgrade its electricity and lightning breaker system costing RM20,000 by 30th October 2011!

We’ve created a special page at, by which you can contribute to the pledge by allowing us to deduct a small amount of your Nuffnang earnings and put it towards the Rumah Aman fund. All you have to do is;
Lets do it!
- Log in to your Nuffnang account and head on over to
- Select the amount that you wish to donate from your Nuffnang earnings (you can choose from RM 1, RM 5 or RM 10)
- Hit the submit button, and you’re done!

There are alternative ways you can donate as well! The extremely cute and sought-after Churpies are now on sale (*squeeee*) and you can bring a Churpie/a few Churpies back home for a small fee, where all profits will go towards fulfilling the Promise Me pledge. Click here to find out more.

It would be a great honor if all our Nuffnangers could come together and contribute to this fund! Just one click is all it takes to help these children have a better present! Let’s all unite our efforts for this good cause.-nuffnang

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