What can we do UK Demonstration

Demonstration or street violence creeping into the society of the civilized world today, see what happens in Egypt, Libya and most recently it happened in London the world's financial capital.

These riots can be considered a very barbaric in this century, although all people have the right to voice protest or other opinion but that's not something that allows us to do mischief on earth with impunity.
If we look at any country whose citizens rioted can never solve any problems or claims, it will worsen the existing evidence is no country in the world or the proceedings of peace after the stirring of revolt of the people,
has not yet been mixed in terms of tourism and economy, etc.

Malaysia is not immune from this problem, but the wisdom of government had broken every attempt to destroy the peace of this country is very effective, for example, see how the police deal with terrorist Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur called NET assembly recently, the country's police to act very professional at all in stopping the mob, without public or security force fatalities.

Violence can not be resisted by force because it would add to the tensions that exist, but solutions to big problems like this is through intelligent action and caution.

As done by the Malaysian police, they do not use live ammunition or bombs against the mob like that of the government of Libya, Malaysian police disperse the mob with tear gas and water Artillery only, but not only that early action is actually taken by the government to exert all the way monitored by a member of all parts of Malaysia, member of the Police on duty that is managed to block the spread of riots, as the saying goes prevention is better than cure ..hope peace in UK are back like before.

We can not show off that we are a great nation in dealing with riots, but we always managed to overcome the problem by means of a prudent without bloodshed, as we achieved independence through negotiation ..precautions is better.

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