how to put adsense code in blog content

Insert Google Adsense code in a blog is easier than normally, but the creativity you can add more opinions through, for example:
you can insert Adsense code using HTML code in the widget space blog, but do you know, put it to make it look not like an ad is more effective than a normal show and appeared as advertisements.

Today I will share a bit about how to place Adsense code in blog content, with these tips it will display the Google ads as part of your written content,

1-The first way is that you should go to this sites here) and enter your Adsense code into the box provided at the sites.

2-Click on the CONVERT AD CODE button, then your AdSense code will automatically be changed in the new code with some additional features in the code.

3-Copy the code on the box that have combined then add to your blog, it can be included after the code bellow:
<div class='post-body entry-content'>

The code will appear in the middle of your writing and see the contents as if it were part of the contents of your writings, for example you can see on pro niaga

You can convert any code@java script with this tips,its really suitable for ppc@pay per clicks advertisement program like nuffnang,google adsense,mangga ads etc. Good luck and happy day with more income from internet...

P/S-This article was written by Mr.Paktam, any duplicates appear in any other website should be include a backlink to this site.

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