how to speed up broadband-limited

Broadband penetration in Malaysia is to achieve 70 percent usage, many telecommunications companies offer services to users including maxis, celcom, digi, telecom, etc. ..

but some of the broadband that we use have a limited memory usage rate, depending also on the package we select as the limit of 2GB, 3GB or 5gb,

problem when use has reached a prescribed limit, the effect will be slow broadband speeds, it would be boring because of long waiting periods to open a web site because broadband has reached the limit of use,

This is where I will share tips that may be useful, what you do is follow the steps I describe below and if you have any tips other than that I give this, hopefully you please share here.
    The first step click the Start button as above.

     At Search box or at Run icon type CMD like screen bellow.

   CMD icon was on top,click at the icon and the screen would look like bellow:
    As a screen above,type ipconfig then pres enter,

    write your IP Address like screen bellow and refer screen shot bellow:
Make sure put your IP ADDRESS at center between Ping>your IP<-T, then pres Enter again.

After all proses success a word like re'ping will automatic display and scroll it self,so let it when you still using internet connection,if your internet connection failed repeat first step again.
Now your broadband speed will success again..good luck guys... any comment or question are welcome.

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info berguna untuk pengguna broadband...

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hurmmm . . when i do ping < ip address > -t
only ping 1 time , after that request time out -.-' dafukkk ?

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if the 'request time out" is alert, you need to do first step again..make sure 3G connection in stable, if your connection almost change between 3g and edgge or gprs, hard to do laaa...

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why do i get 'the system cannot find the file specified'?

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