No more communist in Malaysia!

The communist or something related with it is banned in Malaysia according to Information Minister Datuk Dr Rais Yatim.
As all the people of Malaysia have been informed that one time communists in Malaysia have been many crimes against humanity, mass murder of innocent people, and threaten national security,
so it is an unacceptable way back in Malaysia, although Malaysia currently have established relationships with several communist states but that is for commercial purposes only.

Communist ideology forever banned in Malaysia because the communist ideology is contrary to Islamic beliefs and the major religions other than opposite the Pillars of and against the constitutional monarchy system in this country.
Whether the people of this country will never forget the atrocities of the communists do? absolutely not! to PSM or any party who want to revive the communist ideology in Malaysia you will not succeed, because mejoriti Malaysians are peace-loving will rejected the communist forever...

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