cyber crime;know your rights

As early as the beginning of kindergarten age up to old age who have no social networking site? almost all have a social web site accounts, respectively.

Through the technology of today almost everything can be done only at home, such as paying bills or shopping in cyberspace, not to worry about the problems of parking and waiting queue when the counter opened.

Now everything at your fingertips!

but we must also be cautious because a world without borders is a hotbed for cyber criminals to users who are complacent and do not care.

The situation is different, but the effect left is the same - loss and perhaps fear.
Many cases lead to cyber crimes involving their technical expertise and computing, such as viruses, botnets and malware and cyber crime on the Internet is leading to social activity involving various types of fraud.

Of course there are among us have received emails about the transfer of the property or purchase of goods that induce the loss of thousands and even millions of dollars by cyber crimes,this is example of fraud cases that occur in cyberspace we hear today and past.

Vice President of Communication Network Liaison Cyber ​​Security Malaysia, Mohd. Shamir, Hashim said, cyber crime as other crimes, but the problems faced by the authorities are searching for evidence.

"The problem of cyber crime is difficult to obtain clear evidence of ordinary crimes such as murderers or robbers.

"It is not no proof, but take time to find strong evidence because everything is cyberspace," he said.

Hence to bridge the gap between legal practitioners and cyber crime cases, the Attorney General (AGC), in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia (SCSM) is organizing a seminar entitled Bridging the Gap: Legal and Technical On Cyber ​​Crime, combining aspects of law and technical cyber crime.

Seminar aimed to build a platform to gather experts and technical laws, especially those involved in cyber crime cases.

"They will share information based on experience and field of expertise," he added.

Session designed to provide opportunities for participants to interact with experts and discuss methods of solving crime and cyber security.

Among the speakers was President and Chief Executive Officer, Cybersecurity Malaysia, Lt. Col. (B) Datuk Husin Jazri well as officials from the Attorney General, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and several figures from abroad, including the Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) .

Cyber ​​crime in any careful and remember always, because we will always be a victim if often forget, and if you a victim by anyone online or something else just contact SKMM for make sure the cyber criminals punished by the rules of law..

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