87 killed in random shootings

Norway Police tighten controls after the twin attacks on the potential location,after a man dressed in police uniforms opened fire on a group of teens, resulting in at least 80 killed , an hour after the bomb attack on the Oslo government office building that killed seven people.

The man identified on the 32-year-old people into the resort island of Norway as the place to camp Utoeya youths and opened fire at random.

Before the bombing had caused the window of the prime minister and oil and finance ministries apart. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is not in the building during the attack.

Acting police chief Sveinung Sponheim said police were investigating the possibility of the involvement of several others in the attack.

Police arrested the shooter known as Behring Anders Breivik and police also found bomb failed to detonated installed on the island involved

Oslo police, however, tell, command people to not go out of their homes have been withdrawn.
- Reuters

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