Nuclear reactor in japan

Japan's nuclear crisis is not over, added the statement reported a small explosion occurred between 2 and 3 of the plant reactor,and release radioactive particles into the air, even the experts tried to cool the reactor by using sea water, it appears that effort has not show the results rewarding.

The question began to arise through a nuclear reactor cooling by sea water, when the helicopter splashing water to the reactor ,water vapors are formed and floating in the air to form white clouds, water vapor is formed it contains in the air effects of radiation pollution and risk of acid rain is highly risk.
Trying to overcome the problem that has emerged,another problem come again, after the earthquake, thsunami, radiation pollution, now the new risk is acid rain, even more worrying if the storm hit the area that will lead to nuclear radiation contamination would occur more quickly into the area further.

Our world community alike hope the tragedy that struck the Japanese will soon be over for the sake of Japan, Asia and the world.

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