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Welcome to malaysia asia tech blog @, what I will share today is about how to protect and prevent from copied blog content by others.

As we know google will delete a copied content from other sites in their search engine list. Therefore,our responsibility to protect each article produced. When install this code,mouse right click cannot be use on your blog,once to prevent the visitors of your blog without the permission of copying your article.

Steps is edit your blog template and add this code  <body oncontextmenu="return false;"> beside <body> script.(make sure mark the Expand Widget Templates box)

For easy search the script when editing your blog template,you can use shortcut key in the keyboard.
 -Press ctrl+f and type the code <body> in search box and then when you found it replace with this one <body oncontextmenu="return false;">

Try for mouse right click when in your blog,if it not functioning that means the code is in right place,try your best,be the best of the best...

Malay version click here

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Glo-w~* berkata...|Reply This Comment|

erm...i still can copy. just highlight and ctrl+c ;p

Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

yes it is true, this tip is more of a warning to visitors,not allowed to copy the article without permission.

Philip Khor berkata...|Reply This Comment|

rss is another way to bypass this. if you really want to protect content better disable rss or something.

Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

agree with you,this is just a basic ..

Richard Stooker berkata...|Reply This Comment|

I was wondering what that code in my blog's code would actually do.

Supposedly Google gives preference to the site or blog that publishes content first. However, I've also heard that a site with greater PR may eclipse the first site. But I've also heard that a lot of autoblogs went down in last week's algo update, so maybe some of the scraping will stop.

Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

I also think the same matter, should it have to do so ...

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