Ford For Sale:Lynx 1.6 (a)

 PU side skirt.

The price is rm14,800 negotiable.

 Dashboard and seat still look good.

 monitor 7" in sunvisor pillar

 All meter is still running in good condition

rear wiper-original spec.

 still in original condition.

 1.6 Auto transmission.

 clean and smooth engine.

 1.6 DOHC engine.

 accident free,original casis.

 with new dry battery.

 cobra security system.

Ready for sale/welcome for Trade-in .

5 comments/pendapat:

Tanpa Nama berkata...|Reply This Comment|

mane no tel nyer paktam???

Mr.Paktam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

017 4344729 tapi keta ni dah jual dh,accord jerung ada la,kalau berminat leh tgok kat sini >>honda accord sv4

robert berkata...|Reply This Comment|

I like this car. It is very compact and flexible. Its color and design is super and attractive.
Ford For Sale

Tanpa Nama berkata...|Reply This Comment|

Salam Paktam, mana nak cari front cover mcm keta ford ni,?? tgk ford len xsama pun..

mr paktam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

front cover yg mana satu,gril yg ada logo ford tu ke?

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