The tale of Guan Eng-best man win

The support of many Malays to the opposition pact in Penang

through Pas influence especially during the last general elections, has not been read well by the DAP.

In fact Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng makes betrayal after betrayal against the voters especially the Malays

and Indians. Many Malay stalls had been dismantled.

The Malay settlements had also been the target. Kampung Buah Pala, a popular settlement for the Indians had

now gone. The procession for Maulidur Rasul had also been cancelled.

The gag against the press is being carried out in Penang including against the media published by the Utusan Group.
Media freedom and transparency which it promise during the last general elections, is just a rhetoric. 

Not only that, Utusan Malaysia has been labeled as bad-hat by Guan Eng, just because 

it does not carry the aspiration of the DAP (which is intent on unwinding the national Constitution).

It appears that no leaders in the world had ever labeled the press as bad-hat except him.

For many media practitioner, Guan Eng cannot be criticized. He is easily disturbed and quick to spring back.
Awang still remember the claim by the DAP secretary-general that the Selangor Exco Political Secretary, Teoh Beng Hock, had been murdered whereas the investigation and inquest had just began. The statement smacked of libel and contradicts the principle of law.
In the latest incident, he openly insulted and belittled a civil servant that is the State Development Officer (SDO) Nik Ali Mat Yunus, on the issue of sand theft.
Nik Ali had also claimed that he had been hurled with nasty words by Guan Eng for allegedly not providing him a seat at an official function at Bukit Bendera in October 2009. However, based on the photographs published by the media yesterday, it is shown that Guan Eng sat on a VIP chair at the function. Many are surprised by the conduct of Guan Eng, including the vice-President of Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM), Huan Cheng Guan.
“As head of the government, Guan Eng should be ashamed of his misconduct,” he said.
Awang feels it strange why he should take confrontational approach towards a public officer. His action makes one to have the impression that he is a racist. And will he take similar action if the civil servant is a Chinese? He had also been embroiled in an issue of attempting to dismantle the annex building of TUDM School. It was fortunate that the local council was considerate to allow for a discussion to be held.
There are many other criticisms against him. The public are still talking about the open tender system which he said would be transparent but in actual fact, it is not. It was revealed by an opposition leader prior to this that Guan Eng himself chaired the tender board meeting. He had also once sparked public protest when he came up with an idea to have an election for the Local Government Authorities, which we all know the motive.
And Awang is reminded of a comment by a noted figure; the more the mainstream media exposes the shortcomings of the Penang state government, the better it is to Guan Eng’s politic. His analysis is that the more Guan Eng being pushed to the corner, the better the support he will get from the Chinese.
Awang does not
wish to make any political calculation. If it is wrong, it must be told so. If there is any good leadership s
tyle like the Kedah Menteri Besar, Azizan Abdul Razak, it should be appreciated regardless whether he is an
opposition figure or not.
Awang’s consideration is the people. There is an opinion that, leave Guan Eng alone with his whims and fancies because the more mistakes he created, the better it is for the Barisan Nasional in the coming general elections.Once more, Awang’s consideration is the people who should not be victims of any political experiments.

What is the conclusion to the Guan Eng’s leadership so far? Awang is behind the public sentiment and several groups who dubbed him as a dictator and arrogant.
He is full of racist attitude. His obsession to run Penang like a republic is getting obvious as if the state belongs to him. Actually Guan Eng is not matured enough to be appointed as Chief Minister. Many know that his rise in politic is because of his status as the son of the DAP key leader, Lim Kit Siang.
There are many young potential DAP leaders but are sidelined because Kit Siang want his son to take over the party leadership. Cronyism is more obvious in the DAP compared with other party. Awang would like to suggest that a neutral panel be formed to help Guan Eng, so that he will not continue to be a liability to the opposition pact. The person who is most suitable to be head of the panel is none other than Kit Siang himself. He should teach his son.

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