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"' how beautiful read the Qur'an if understand the word per word of each sentence as an Arab '...  


- meaning the bottom of each verse the Qur'an

- facilitate our understanding of the meaning and content of al-Qur'an

- features that enrich Asbabun Nuzul al-Qur'an Tafsir Quran is merit Per Search

- generally a simple interpretation, not simply translated, compiled on the word per word of each verse of the Qur'an.

- Easy to read and understand, either disjointed words per word or a sentence per sentence.

- Compiled by referring to the books of Tafsir mutabar.

- Equipped with Asbabun Nuzul, ie information about the circumstances and background of each verse it.

- Equipped with a translation.

- Suitable to be used as gifts for loved ones.

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