Government asked to probe baby dumping as attempted murder, murder

The government has asked the police to probe baby dumping as attempted murder or murder cases,

the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry said in a statement here today. 

The ministry said the Cabinet took this decision at its meeting yesterday upon the urging of the ministry. 

It said the government felt sterner action needed to be taken because, despite various initiatives taken,

baby dumping was still happening.

The Police had also been asked to used DNA profiling to track down the perpetrators,

the statement added. 

Meanwhile, Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil when met 

by reporters at a function here, said not only the women involved in baby dumping would be brought to justice, 

the men would not be let off the hook either. 

"We have taken a welfare approach all this while but the problem continues to persist.

I wish to say the government will not allow this state of affairs to continue and that is why the

classification will be changed to attempted murder or murder,” she said. - Bernama

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