how make easy and fast screenshot

Welcome to blog MAT (Malaysia Asia-Tech), today I will share how to create a screenshot quickly and easily,to change the page become an images. you do not need the extra software, this step can be performed using original software that was available on your computer.

 -first go to the page you want to take.

-then press the 'prt scr' button in the keyboard.

-click on the logo 'window' on your computer and then click on the 'paint'.

-next steps after entry on 'paint' press the 'control'@ctrl button together with button V.

Now you can edit the view through the 'paint' and save it as an image, these tips can also be used to send email to your friend,upload in to your blogs,such many thing you can do with this step and depend on your creativity with a screenshot, just follow the steps described above.

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