affordable housing in Putrajaya

1Malaysia Housing Program (PR1MA) is now open for booking at Precinct 11 in Putrajaya.

Total units
-560 Apartment units.

The selection process
-will be monitored by the firm of chartered accountants.

Date selection
-extraction process units of the applicant selection will be made on October 15.

Applicant eligibility requirements
-Malaysian citizens aged 21 years and above
-residing or working in Putrajaya
-a registered voter in Putrajaya.
-not have more than one home
-gross household income not exceeding RM6, 000 per month.

Applicants are divided into two categories

-call list.
-waiting list.

Application Deadline
-12 October 2011

application is open to all apartment units that meet the prescribed conditions and not limited to civil servants.more information about purchasing units of apartments please visit

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