objected six percent of prepaid taxes

Average pre-paid service users today expressed dissatisfaction on the government to approve telecommunications companies impose a 6 percent tax on consumers.

Secretary-General of the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), Datuk Dr. Ma'amor Osman said, the tax is seen much less burdensome to consumers who call charges apply when this is expensive.

"The decision was unreasonable, and we object to implementation. During this time, if we make a call and not answer, they are charged, much less to introduce service tax.

Meanwhile, the Consumers Association of Subang Jaya and Shah Alam (Cassa) asked the government to freeze the implementation of such measures.
Its president, Datuk Dr. Jacob George said, the introduction of the tax is not relevant to the current economic situation, which saw low-income people are still struggling to adapt to the rising cost of other goods.

"We are very sad because the industry is only seen from one view only, ie to increase their profits without regard to the fate of consumers.

"So far, the companies have reaped not only by 15 million locals but also from more than four million foreign workers in the country who use their services.

"Is all of that is no longer enough to want to push users and the people of this country is," he said.

He said if the decision is maintained, Cassa will work with consumer associations and other NGOs to launch a boycott campaign on a large scale.

This step by government is not appropriate at this time plus the current economic situation is less favorable, while prices of other essential items has add to burden consumers.
-source on Utusan

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