cause of a car tire explodes

Chairman of the Facilities, Transportation and Growth in Pahang, Datuk Ir Mohd Soffi Abdul Razak said the use of notch tire more dangerous than the retread tires.

by the way,government asked to review the use of notch tires and winter tires from foreign countries, which claimed to be one of the causes of road accidents.

He said gaining notch tires for cheaper than new tires due to the increase in rubber prices in world markets over the years.

"I would like to advise motorists not to use this type of tire as vulnerable and explosive, because the layers of the tire is too thin when tapped to make new flowers.

"The road geometric and temperature in the summer we will facilitate the explosive notch tires if driven above the speed limit," he told reporters after Aidil Fitri open house the Legislative Assembly (DUN) Benta at Rest and Recreation area near here today .

Mohd Soffi, and member Legislative Assembly Benta said, other than tires notch, he said, the popularity of winter tires also contributed to the accident.

"The use of winter tires brought in from Europe, Japan, the United States and South Korea are also gaining the vehicle owners as the prices are cheap.-BERNAMA

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