Guan Eng forbidden to johor?

Former member of the DAP, Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman suggested that the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng was banned to come in Johor.

According to Razali, he was disappointed with the statement and assume it should not be out of the mouth of a top state leaders.

Mohamed Razali also believe that DAP secretary-general will not apologize because he had cooked with Guan Eng attitude of arrogance and ego that when the first party member.

"I wish to call to the Sultan of Johor to ban Guan Eng came in Johor.

"I'm sure he (Guan Eng) will not apologize because he always feels just right," he told the Utusan Malaysia here today.

Guan Eng said the Johor  is not safe compare with Penang.Source-Utusan

We said: Guan Eng stop extreme statement..

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