Telekom Malaysia and Google joint venture

Google AdWords is a service that allows businesses to create ads and post it immediately through the Google site and Google partner web site.
AdWords uses a model of pay-per-click, which means advertisers pay only when ad is clicked,and now with smart action Telekom Malaysia (TM) established a partnership with Google for marketing to enterprises (SMEs), good news for all!

In an effort to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) expand its business internationally, Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) partnered with Google to offer marketing solutions to SME customers.

Executive Vice President of TM for SMEs, Azizi A. Hadi said the joint venture will see TM offers a Google search advertising platform, and Google AdWords services to customers of local SMEs.

TM now has about 68,000 broadband subscribers in the category of business solutions, which have the right in the joint venture, he said.

"We do not expect to earn or expand our SME customer base through joint ventures. It is part of a customer loyalty program to help SMEs enter the online advertising," he told reporters after the signing of a joint venture with Google, here today.
Global business become easy with Google and (TM) Telekom Malaysia-utusan

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