Qur'an Answering Puzzle Pyramid Construction

What is the secret behind the construction of this pyramid?
Over the years scientists studying how a pyramid was built at the time of pharaohs, but experts impasse on the matter, because technology lifting large stones to the tops of pyramid building was not in place at that time.

But through a source of United Times Newspaper December 2006 edition of a scholarly publishing news that confirms that the Pharaoh, using clay to build the pyramids!
is this true? and how is it done?

According to research the stone used to make the pyramid is the clay that is heated to form a hard stone that difficult to distinguish the original rock,

Scientists say that the Pharaoh skilled in chemistry in the processing of clay to the rock.
And research published by the magazine "Journal of the American Ceramic Society" emphasized that the Pharaoh using soil slurry to build a high monuments, including pyramids. This is because it is impossible for someone to lift the weight of thousands of kilograms of rock.

While for the principle, Pharaoh using natural stone. The mud is a mixture of lime mud on the stove that heated water vapor salt and successfully make the water vapor to form a mixture of clay.

Then the formula is poured into the space provided on the walls of the pyramid. In short the mud that has been treated according to the desired size of the burn, then put in place are provided in the walls of the pyramid.

Professor Davidovits took the largest stone pyramid to be done by using electron microscope analysis of the stone and found traces quick reaction asserting that the stones are made of mud.

All this, without the use of electron microscopes, geologists have not been able to distinguish between natural stone and artificial stone. With the manufacture of large stones in this way, a professor takes ten days and is similar to natural stone.

Previously, a scientist Belgium, Guy Demortier, has many years of seeking answers from the secret behind the making of a rock on the tops of the pyramids.

It said, "After many years of research and study, now I'm newly convinced that the pyramids in Egypt are made with clay." Discovery by French Professor Joseph Davidovits pyramid stones question appears made of mud treatment takes time of about twenty years.

In fact, the Qur'an has explained this 1400 years before researchers discovered the answer, the proof is in this verse:
وقال فرعون يا أيها الملأ ما علمت لكم من إله غيري فأوقد لي يا هامان على الطين فاجعل لي صرحا لعلي أطلع إلى إله موسى وإني لأظنه من الكاذبين


The verse describes the pharaoh ordered his people to burn Haman then build him CLAY BUILDING HIGH so that he can mount up to the God of Moses.

In verse also clearly shows the Qur'an has mentioned this 1400 years before any research study it further.

studies by researchers have long been conducted, but the reality is actually the answer is in the Holy Qur an.
Al Qur an miracle indeed that encompasses all aspects,

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