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Cityliner bus driver who has been terminated since the last 1ogos get help by UMNO state, will also receive assistance of RM300 per person, according to the state Umno liaison chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman, in the island yesterday. (Lain kali kena ingat jasa BRO).

16 the bus driver who has been terminated Cityliner consisted of 12 Malays and four Indians, who had served 15 years with the company's route-Parit Buntar Butterworth.

As usual, people suffering often assisted UMNO and the federal government, and offered a variety of assistance, including new jobs will be given,

State Umno liaison chairman Datuk Zainal said the discussions would be held with the Minister in the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop to absorb them into the Rapid Penang who happened to have 30 bus driver vacancies.
Although most of them liberal ni, but the federal government and UMNO still sincere in giving aid to people regardless of race and political affiliation.

This has become a tradition UMNO government from time immemorial in providing assistance, but sometimes we forget what the government donated to us, we have always argued that government should provide, to our own sometimes forget what we should give to the government as how to be thankful ..

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