ISA detainees released!

Three former officers of the Immigration Department which is released from the Internal Security Act (ISA) today expressed regret and repent on their previous action that threatens national security.

In one interview sessions arranged by the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) in the Kamunting Detention Camp Protection (Kemta) near here, today, all three also thanked the Malaysian government, particularly Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein for giving them a second chance.

"I was conscious and aware of the offense that I do. Thank you for give me the opportunity to return to the family and start a new life," said a male detainee within 20-year-old whose name was not released for security reasons.

According to him, what happened to it, should be a lesson, teaching the other immigration officers to be more integrity in discharging their duties and trusts of the country.

When asked what prompted him to commit illicit acts, the man was as confounded and then answered: "If I do not want to bob up and down. I do not want to remember anything."

Tuesday, Hishammuddin announced the release of eight immigration officers detained under ISA last year because of suspected human trafficking syndicate. Three of them were released today, while five others were released on Friday.

All of them were arrested while on duty at the front counter at the entrance of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Sepang.

Meanwhile, an officer of the old woman early 30's who was also released today in a painfully told, he does not bear all this could threaten national security.

"I am determined not to repeat the same. Being in detention camps really convince me.

"Filling a lot of unconscious rehabilitation program that I have made mistakes. Mistake I made was an accident," she said as she sobbed.

Another former immigration officer who will be released on Friday was told, he and other detainees are well treated during eight months in detention in Kemta ISA.

He said that it was much the opposite of what exaggerated by certain political parties alleged detainee in the cell will be dark, not enough food and service was not good.

"I came here not because I persecuted, but it's my fault. Thanks to the government for imposing the ISA to me, not the law," he said.

According to the old man's 30, the ISA is good for prevention before it happens and should be maintained.

"The module used is based on rehabilitation, not punishment. This model is a lot to give effect to us to start a new life and dealing with people," he said.

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