The first checks earn and tips for nuffnang & adsense

Greetings to all visitors of this blog, today I want to share the good news because received a check RM100 from nuffnang, although the volume a bit, but it means a lot to me, because it was my first income from the Internet,

In making the blog of course, we also want to make money through it right!
example of my first blog, so long after the end could also provide income in the slightest.
Tips on how to make money on the internet! it nothing for hide,just we need to be patient and always be enthusiastic, constantly updated content pages, learn and work hard,the victory will come to you..
Latest this blog managed to get the approval of the Google Adsense program, after a long trial and error, but that all does not dishearten me to try, let me share the good news with all the motivation the reader how to generate extra income from the Internet,
if we work hard, study, do research, keep trying, there are good results,
I hope through Google Adsense will generate more revenue later, to be continue....
if you all have something to share about google adsense or nuffnang, do not forget to leave a comment below.

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Dylan Yeoh berkata...|Reply This Comment|

hello=) congrat for ur result,would u like to tell me how they count CTR in nuffnang?

Mr.Paktam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

welcome @onekills and Dylan Yeoh..

first step you can try this tips:
tips 1
tips 2

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