The fate of Bumiputra

Imbalance in all fields causing indigenous people is difficult to achieve equal success in the country.

Deputy Director General I of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Datuk Mat Noor Nawi said, disclose the matter to give examples of savings rate among natives is low, and at the same time the equity ownership targets slow.

In addition, he said, the ownership of Bumiputera equity and property assets is still low to cause significant non-participation and ineffective control of indigenous communities in the economy.

He also revealed that most of the indigenous graduates earn low of RM501-RM1, 500; than the Chinese to obtain pay RM1,500-RM2, 000.

He said this when presenting a paper entitled: The achievement of Bumiputera Economic Analysis at the Convention Empowering A New Economic Model, organized by the concept of Malay Economic Bodies (Gabem) here today.-utusan

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