expanded use of biofuels

B5 bio fuels, which was launched last June 1 so far no report of a negative impact of the use,
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) has been doing regular monitoring by testing samples from the stations.

Negeri Sembilan is the third state to implement programs for the transport sector B5, after Putrajaya on June 1, involving the six stations, as well as in Singapore on July 1, involving 107 stations.

"Tests found that the B5 bio fuels are at a proper and suitable for use in diesel vehicles," he told reporters after launching the program B5 Negeri Sembilan.

from today, diesel supplied to 156 petrol stations in NSW consists of blending palm biodiesel.

"From 1 September we shall set up a similar program in Kuala Lumpur, involving 247 stations and 1 October in the state by 634 stations.

"This means that so far this year by 1.150 petrol stations in the Central Region to use B5."

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