Malay is majority in bersih

The majority of the supporters who were arrested while participating in an illegal assembly in the capital on Saturday, a Malay, at 95 per cent or 1.434 of 1.508 prisoners.

According to statistics, this means that only 4.9 per cent or 74 of the 21 non-Malay and the Chinese, Indians (29) and others (24).
Sources said those arrested are from 1.355 men and 153 women, including children.

"The monitoring authority, participants in an illegal assembly not only Malay but the largest number of arrests ahead of attending the rally illegal," he told The Star here yesterday.

Add the source, after evidence taken from individuals who were arrested, a total of 1.403 has been released unconditionally.
He said about 105 people will be charged in court for various offenses during the unlawful assembly.
"Further action against them will be determined in court according to the offense committed," he said.

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