Hologram phones become reality on 2020

Have you watch the television series Star Strek before? If so, you may have seen scenes of how the crew of the spacecraft can communicate with friends through the tools that allow them seemed to be in the same place.

The technology is known as a hologram that will allow you to mingle video images are transmitted to your friends via your mobile phone through the projector.

This technology is now getting closer to reality as you can do video conferencing in 3G mobile phone technology and three-dimensional (3D) have also been developed up to that used in television homes.

Accordingly, in the future, will have the ability to move video images in the form of transmitting the hologram.

A designer, Mac Funamizu for example, was their conceptual design Trou Phones Hologram using 3D hologram that can be transmitted to an empty area.

Small projectors available on the phone will emit a virtual video image when you receive phone calls as do video conferencing via 3G phones.

Funamizu design is also very flexible because the phone can be placed on the wrist like a watch and calls can be made or accepted without the need to open it.

Funamizu have made the phone can be worn Dew that will display text in 3D.

The phone can display digital text information such as time, SMS, e-mail and so forth transmitted from the phone in 3D on a phone while your phone does not have a normal screen.

Dew consumers who use the wrist can store all their information with easy to use as needed such as SMS, e-mail, notes and so on.

Another concept phone uses holographic technology is Cobalto showing futuristic features as a display of 3D images in real time in front of you.

As you can see 3D movies, the images in this mobile phone can be viewed from various angles, which as if you were in the area.

Once again, the creators of this hologram phone is a sure Funamizu phone prototypes can be developed within a few years because the development of increasingly sophisticated 3D technology today.

In addition, a hologram concept phone called the Black Hole have also been designed to be one of Apple's products by 2020.

The phone has a mouse ball in its center that allows users to control the phone functions and applications by simply touching the shadow in the air.

Small phone that can be placed on the palm of your hand or on the table so that it can transmit the application buttons in the air.

The success of Indian companies, Infosys registered a patent for the transmission of high-resolution 3D films, products and images via mobile devices recently proven technology and 3D virtual hologram is near.

Technology analysts predicted, eight million units of 3D screens will be marketed this year, especially those used in television, cinema and so on. 

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