High Alert when you withdraw money from ATM

Incident at Maybank Queensbay mall,Penang...!!!

High Alert when you withdraw money from ATM

On Friday(12/11/10) afternoon around 5:30pm I was at Queensbay Mall,
Penang, doing some financial payments (credit card, mobile and etc).

I went to the 1st floor Maybank ATM to withdraw some money.

As the ATM was finalizing my payment, someone tap me on the shoulder.
Naturally I turned around, and there was this stocky Middle Eastern man
(around 5ft 2in, fair complexion), pointing to some money on the floor
(around RM30+ there were 3-10 ringgit and several 1 ringgit notes).

He said “ I saw you drop your money just now”. Coincidently today I
have some bundled spare notes in my shirt pocket. So I pick up the
ringgits on the floor.
Suddenly a lady also of Middle Eastern descent - shoulder length curly
hair, fair complexion, 5ft 3in said to me “ It's my money!” then the
man told her “ No, I saw him dropping it - while pointing to me”.
Instantly I check my shirt pocket, with a quick glance I felt and saw my
bundle of spare notes is intact. Without any hesitation, I pass the
 money to the lady and said “It's your money, not mine.”

Within split second, I turn back to the ATM and saw a male person hand
(did not see the face) was approaching for my ATM card that the machine
automatically return upon finishing a transaction. Out of natural
instinct, I slap on the wrist of the person's hand that was trying to take
my ATM card.

And the person quickly walk off, I did not have a chance to look at the
face as I was waiting for the ATM to dispense out my RM1500.

All this happens within 2-3 seconds. When I finally got my cash and turn
around, the Middle Eastern man and women has disappeared including the
taller male person that was trying to take my ATM card and most possibly
my cash. I quickly went down the escalator to see where they have gone, I
manage to catch a glimpse of the Middle Eastern lady as she was going down
the escalator but then she also quickly vanished.

If I had been slightly doubtful of my own cash in my shirt pocket OR being
greedy, I would most likely had my RM1500 stolen. The Middle Eastern man
and lady job is to create a diversion and confusion, while another person
is responsible to snatch the cash out of the machine while I was not

This could happen in any mall and there were some people withdrawing from
few other machines as well. So it is not a totally secluded condition. I
 firmly believe they are not the only group in Penang or Malaysia.

Points to be on high alert:
1. If somebody tap your shoulder while you are withdrawing from ATM, make
sure you are mindful of your surrounding and especially focus on taking
your money first.

2. Their usual trick is to create confusion. Focus on what you are doing.
3. Best is to have a friend with you when you go to the ATM.

Please let everyone you know aware of this incident. Especially now when
near the festive seasons, they are preying on your bonus and salary!

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3 comments/pendapat:

TikkoSS berkata...|Reply This Comment|

wah..sounds like very scary.. i bet u should be more careful next time.. thanks for sharing this info to us.. i will be extremely alert next time

dabooninie berkata...|Reply This Comment|

wah... betul2 kena hati2 la... terima kasih 4 the info

Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

sama2..macam-macam taktik penjenayah sekarang ni kan.

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