Facebook will shutdown by Mark Zuckerberg?

Shut Down Facebook or Facebook will shutdown.
As we heard that the social networking site facebook be closed by its founder Mark Zuckerberg? Or they just gimmicks by FACEBOOK to raise the rating of that page?.

Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement that the social networking site that is beyond his control so that the pressure in the management of the company and affect their lives.

"I have to stop to avoid this pressure," said Zuckerberg at a news conference outside his office in Palo Alto recently. In a telephone interview he said "Honestly, it (close up) is for the good. Without it, people will come out and meet friends. That is better.

 "I do not care about the money. I just want my life back, "Zuckerberg was quoted as saying so worried Facebook users around the world.

While Vice President of Technical Communication up, Avrat Humarthi also issued a statement that the consumer is no longer able to enter up on 15 March.

"All of this website will be closed on that date. If you do not want the pictures at up missing, I advise you to keep it before the site was closed, "said Avrat.

May claim only a tactic to boost ratings FaceBook or indeed a reality, together we look forward to this March 15.

 In fact I think it is just another gimmick to boost ratings facebook, the proof of the fact that (closed facebook) rose sharply facebook only rating and thus be able to add up to 700 million members of the future.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...|Reply This Comment|

facebook will shut down and here is the official announcement made by Mark Zuckenberg goo.gl/38TJ2

sabree hussin berkata...|Reply This Comment|

Nak tengok jugak apa akan jadi lepas ni, last minute akan ubah fikiran atau betul2 akan shut down facebook ni

Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

ya sama kita tgok lepas ni apa jadi...tapi kalau tutup pun tentu akan ada yang lain seumpanya nanti...hu hu.

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