Touch n Go Rebates

How it works:

1) The rebate is by Touch n Go (a company now part of CIMB with some equity (MI) still held by PLUS. I put this in just for information only)
2) Each Touch n Go ("TnG") card holder is entitled to a 20% rebate once he or she has clocked a minimum of 80 transactions (toll payments) at any of the tolled highways in Malaysia.
3) Therefore if you have clocked RM 100 from 80 transactions in a month, you will get a RM 20 rebate. If you clock RM 300 from 100 transactions in a month you will get RM 60 rebate. Note: minimum transactions to qualify is 80 per month.
4) Rebates can be claimed at any TnG counters including those at certain PLUS' toll plazas.
5) The rebate must be claimed within a 6 month period otherwise it will lapse.
6) The above program was apparently introduced in Sept 2009.

PLUS Loyalty Program

There is also a loyalty program by PLUS for those who use their highways in Malaysia i.e. NSE, North South Central Link (the one to Putrajaya and KLIA), NKVE (to bukit Raja), Linkedua (Johor), Kulim-Butterworth, Seremban-PD. You need to apply for a special TnG card at PLUS' toll plazas. It entitles you to a 5% rebate for every RM 200 in month. For those < RM 200, get points that are accumulated and converted into cash for your TnG card.

Non Peak Hour Discount at PLUS' Highways

For those who travel along between 12 am to 7 am, they will enjoy lower toll rates (10% less)....

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