How make a password in Mozilla Firefox on computer program?

Many users require a password to control the use of the web browser on the Internet. It is also used to maintain the confidentiality of privacy in the use of a web browser program. With the controlled use of passwords and confidential.

In general, most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox does not have a function that allows the password configured for use. But there are ways that can be used to enable a web browser that has a password.

To enable a web browser with password function, it requires the installation of computer programs specific to the web browser which is known as an add-on programs. Here I will discuss some of the most popular major browser used.

For the Mozilla Firefox web browser, can be fitted to an additional program Master Password +. It can be downloaded at URL address,

For Google Chrome web browser, the additional program can be installed to Simple Startup Password.
It can be downloaded at URL address,

There may be additional programs that can be used for functions such as Internet password Lock and others. The same way for programs other browsers.

For Internet Explorer web browser, it can be configured with a password by going to Tools> Internet Options> Content> Content Advisor> General. Next go to the Supervisor Password field and click create. Next enter the desired password and click OK.

If a computer is used in network environments and Windows, can use computer programs to policies such as Group Policy to control the use of a web browser using a password.-megabait

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