why Aziz Bari suspended!

International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM) explains, that action law to lecturer Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari is not punishment, but to ensure a thorough investigation be carried out due to dispute his statement Sultan of Selangor.

Rector of UIAM, Professor Datuk Dr Zaleha Kamaruddin also denied media reports and news portal that Abdul Aziz is not allowed to enter and deal with the university, and his salary was also detained.
UIAM still pay salaries Abdul Aziz as usual and lecturer is allowed to enter the university to deal with the faculty.

"I know there are some individuals who report in the newspaper and website that he was suspended and did not receive a salary, and prevented from entering the UIAM. That is not true," he said at a news conference today.

Zaleha said Abdul Aziz suspended for seven days beginning Wednesday, and during such period, the lecturer will need to answer the show cause letter issued by the Disciplinary Board, Disciplinary and UIAM staff in relation to dispute the action of the raid said the Sultan of Selangor Islamic Religious Department of Selangor a church in Damansara Utama on 3 August.-Bernama
This what we call cautious when talking,you get what you do..

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