Proton new lifetime warranty

If the previous Proton cars often given a negative perception of the consequences of failing power windows (power windows) function, the matter is not likely to occur again.

Contrary to public opinion, in fact the failure was not involved all brands Proton and the percentage of damaged is very small.

However, confronting the problem and convince the people, Proton is now announcing the giving of security over the vehicle lifetime components purchased by the public.

According to Proton Group Managing Director, Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, the guarantee covers the cars sold in the domestic market for private and company registration.

''We guarantee that all the damage related to the power windows will be protected for 10 years (life expectancy of a car) or 250,000 miles on the car date registered.

''The owner can change the power window components as much as you want without any particular number, but depending on the qualifications and conditions set by Proton,''he said in a briefing here today.

Among the components involved in the conversion is a regulatory tool's power window, power window motors, power window switches and power window access channels.

Car owners who have problems that can go to any authorized service center Proton without wages and prices charged components are changed.

He said this offer is rarely given by any vehicle manufacturers of the world, saw the Proton's commitment to the rights and customer satisfaction are being ignored.

''The power windows are not uncommon but I already experienced it once, but stigma and people talk (dijaja of mouth) has damaged the image of Proton,''he said,

Syed Zainal said, any vehicle registered before August 31, 2011 and still under manufacturer warranty can claim warranty card from any authorized service center, Proton Edar Sdn. Ltd., EON service center.

However for new cars registered after 1 September, car owners have been automatically registered in the database Proton.-Utusan

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