JPA Cyberjaya was attacked!

Public Service Department (JPA), Cyberjaya today opened the operations room at the headquarters of JPA Putrajaya after the JPA office building in Cyberjaya attacked by fungi that can affect human health.

JPA office at Block A, Building-MKN Embassy TechZone in Cyberjaya, Selangor, attacked by fungi that produce spores are yellowish green.

it is found on the floor and the walls and several floors of the bloc after the employees return to work after a long vacation in conjunction with the recent Aidilfitri.

Among the parts are placed in blocks of Internal Audit, Remuneration Division, Division of Psychology, and Information Management Division.

JPA in a statement today said the staff are instructed to work from home and perform the duties as usual, and not 'directed holiday' as reported.

JPA citizens are also required to enhance ongoing communication through the use of technology, information and communication technology (ICT), e-mail, feedback system in the JPA portal and Facebook for all customers JPA.

JPA office in Putrajaya to provide 15 special line to call from today to Sept. 26. front from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.
Here are the phone numbers of special instructions:
1) The Remuneration: 0388853194/3201/3227/3232/3283/3072
2) Information Management Division: 0388853786/3807/3887/3896/3898/3899
3) The Psychology of Management: 0388853824
4) the Internal Audit: 0388853902/3903

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