Bonus to government employees

Cuepacs president Datuk Omar Osman called on the government to consider again the grant of bonus for civil servants this year.
He said Cuepacs had applied formally through a letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak last two months and expect the good news to be announced soon.

"It's been two years of public servants do not get the bonus since 2008 and it is hoped that this year the government consider granting the bonus before and after Hari Raya to reduce the financial burden,"
His proposal is a 1 month bonus before Hari Raya and one month bonus after Hari Raya.

But all that depends on government's financial capability, for all public servants would expect the good news announced before Hari Raya, Cuepacs applying two-month salary bonus this year, hopefully our beloved Prime Minister will suprise a good news for government staff soon ...

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dapt rm500 pun jadi la dari tak dapat langsung..

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