Truth that Cannot Be Covered:BersiH 2.0

BERSIH 2.0 has passed but the effect is still hot, although some accused the brutal action and violent police during the illegal gathering, it appears the allegations are totally untrue, it can be seen through one of the video.

The police acted professionally and prudently, compared to similar gatherings in other countries, police malaysia is a team that can say a lot of compromise, you can see through the video on how the police acted prudently to the mob who create chaos in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Try to see how the Indonesian , uk, spain, South Africa and Canada police respond to participants demonstrate in their country, thier police deal with a mobs with a rough, but very different in Malaysia, Malaysian police properly treat BERSIH mobs in good action and provocation that a malaysian police violent is not true, you can see at the end of this video can explain it all ..

Not all police in the world deal with mobs like malaysian police do,people in malaysia who love peaceful life will not agree with BERSIH mobs, Because we believe all problem or issue can be settle in peaceful,not by doing wrong way like this...

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