Tickets and match tomorrow.

Football match between Malaysia and Singapore in Bukit Jalil Stadium on Thursday received overwhelming response and beyond expectations.
The ticket match between two football teams have been sold, totaled 80 thousand,and the tickets were sold out before the day of the game following a raid by the fans at the ticket counter since it opened to the public yesterday.

Many supporters of the national football squad was disappointed for failing to get tickets even if they leave early to buy the ticket at main counter, according to one supporter who found her extremely disappointed and surprised that so many number of tickets sold out within a short,
for fans who still harbored hopes of getting a ticket to watch Singapore vs Malaysia match can try your luck at the areas around the stadium early time before the game begin, because the probability of tickets are still available through certain individuals of the area.

But although can not see the game in the stadium still be able to watch the match on a big screen outside the stadium provided, the important thing is the spirit of sportsmanship to lend support to the national squad.

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