Singapore-Malaysia match

Malaysian football fans heading to Singapore to watch the Malaysia versus Singapore World Cup qualifier must check the availability of tickets, before deciding to go.
That”s the advice from the host, the FA of Singapore for Malaysian fans intending to make the trip across the Causeway for the match at the Jalan Besar stadium on July 23.
Kelvin Leong, the Media officer for FAS told Bernama that the Malaysian allocation of tickets for the match was with the FA of Malaysia.
"My advice is that any Malaysian fan wanting to come for the match should check with the FAM if there are tickets available.
"It would not be fair for the Malaysians who have traveled a long way to Singapore, only to find out there are no tickets left,” said Kelvin.
As it is, the Jalan Besar stadium has only a seating capacity of an estimated 5,000 and it”s size is therefore a handicap when it comes to hosting an international match that attracts a huge following.
"The 60,000 capacity National stadium is now closed for reconstruction.
Otherwise it would have been ideal. But we have to make do with the Jalan Besar stadium now and believe me the demand for tickets is huge.
"We receive hundreds of calls per day, asking for tickets, and we are prepared for a mad rush,” added Kelvin.
In fact, sales of tickets priced at S$15 for the grandstand and S$7 for the gallery will start tomorrow and Sunday, but it is only reserved for Singaporeans and permanent residents.
"You need to show your identity card to purchase tickets and if you are a Malaysian you are not entitled to buy one,” added Kelvin.

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