The safest countries in the world

Global Peace Index (GPI) in 2011 found that Malaysia is the 19th most secure countries around the world between 153 countries.

Malaysia was also ranked as the most peaceful country in Southeast Asia and the fourth Asia-Pacific region after New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

This is the first time Malaysia was given the highest ranking since 2007 and the country is among the six non-European countries which occupy 20 spots in the list, as well as Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, Qatar and Australia.

The discovery of the fifth edition of the survey by the Institute for Economics and Peace, based in Sydney was announced in late May

In 2007, Malaysia ranked 37 and dropped to 38th in 2008, before improving his position from 26th place in 2009 to place the 22 in 2010 and ranked 19th in 2011.

The index consists of 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators of respected sources, which combine internal and external factors - from military spending at the national level through to a country's relations with its neighbors and the level of compliance with human rights. - Bernama

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