Blog functions and how to make blog

Blog is short for Weblog. It was first introduced by Jorn Barger in December 1997 and become popular until now.
Blogs can be regarded as personal web pages, it can also be used as a diary, a virtual magazine, private homes, private shops and book online by the owner.
Through the blog we can write anything, write about the content of the liver to share, share your daily activities or displays the latest news at your place.

Blog has its own influence, but also able to change the administration of the state, decentralization through the election of Malaysia to 12, opposition parties won big in the elections because the exposures and policy information through blogs that support them, so great influence of blogs in our environment.

Actually blog functions very much depends on how the owner set it. Even if you are a dealer, the blog also you can advertise items to sell or any product you want to sell.

Do you already have a blog? And would you make your first blog?
you do not have to pay anything to build a blog because it is free with on next post how creates free blog.

To Be Continue..

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