How to Change the Address bar icon

Today i wanna shared with you How do replace the icon in the address bar of your blog in just a few 1 2 3 easy step. By entering this code to your blog icon in the address bar no longer displays the logo "B" @ Blogger, such as bar icon (Favicon) in my blog.

1-Log in to your blog account and click the Design tab.
2-Click a Edit HTML tab,before edit html code make sure mark the Expand Widget Templates box.
3-Find this script <head> and put the code bellow it:
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
<link href='PUT URL IMAGE HERE ' rel='shortcut icon'/>

#Before save a template you should Preview it first,when everything look nicely and then save your template. Now we can put any image at the address bar icon,you don't need shrink the image before put it,any url image fit with the code above,enjoy your new blog icon.
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Nick berkata...|Reply This Comment|

useful tips :) hehe.. thanks ;)

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