Japan will face a nuclear radiation contamination

Sendai,Fukushima Japan. after the 8.9 earthquake that hit followed thsunami terrible, Japan will face another major disaster that the world's worst nuclear disaster in the event of radiation failed to control pollution from spreading .. Japan faced the threat that he feared a nuclear disaster could repeat at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, Ukraine on 26 April 1986, after the radioactive materials released into the air in a powerful explosion.

At least 32 killed by the direct effects of blast and 8,000 others suffered the effects of radioactive contamination.

While the company is responsible for handling the nuclear reactor, Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) had reported use of sea water and boric acid to cool the reactor No. 1 after an explosion destroyed the roof and walls of concrete buildings during the night they try to release the pressure.

But if pollution is curbed not only failed to Japan would accept the result, other countries will also be affected near the consequences of this pollution and will probably be a more terrible disaster after thsunami and earthquake, which had just struck.

Damage that occurs on earth is the act of man himself, although Japan has sophisticated equipment to detect thsunami but was unable to prevent it, warning that until too late for people to act.. That is power of god and no one can blocked it

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