How Far Japan Nuclear Radiation

How far nuclear radiation contamination in Japan is dependent on the rate of pollution and the wind, it might also be able to get to others countries,who knows..

Everything is likely to occur if radiation fails contamination by japan. Japanese prime minister has issued a statement that the people around 30km from the center of the reactor may not come out of threatened homes because of radiation contamination.

This phenomenon is further aggravated if storms or typhoons hit Japan, where this will speed up the flow of radiation pollution to more distant areas, as creatures of the earth we hope this will not happen and pray together disaster that hit Japan soon subside possible.
However, not all radiation harmful to living things,most radiation originates from earthly sources, and the real effects of radiation pollution depend on the type of radiation and the amount of energy emitted. High doses of radiation can kill, but low doses can actually benefit both plants and animal.

How much radiation causes damage to living creatures depend on his performance. If radiation to destroy certain enzymes, you may just sick. If radiation damage to DNA and the body can not repair itself, you may risk of cancer or death.

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