Earthquake Thsunami in japan today

Following thsunami in japan, malaysia government take drastic measures to provide information from time to time.Foreign Ministry opens operating room and activate the hotline at the embassy officials in Tokyo to allow the public to obtain information on the latest situation in respect of an earthquake of 8.9 on the Richter scale struck northeastern Japan's waters today.

Phone numbers can be contacted at Wisma Putra here is 03-8887 4570, 03-8887 4770, 03-8889 2746 and 03-8889 2830, while the embassy in Tokyo can be reached by calling 81334763840.

In a statement here today, the ministry said the embassy officials in Tokyo are monitoring closely the development of the disaster and are working closely with Japanese authorities to get the latest information about it.

"So far no reports of loss of life among the people due to the disaster, and all officers of the ministry and their families are safe," the statement said. - Bernama

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