World Fastest Train 350kms

China Today launched new fastest train service with max speed 394.2km/h and it is a fastest train in the world this century,

It not just fastest,but longest train in world record for speed and size,superb and great look with new advanced technology.This longest fastest train in first operation distance is 1068kms between wuhan central and guangzhou,south china.
With a maximum speed of 394.2km/h, the train was able to defeat the formula one racing car, it that true? yes it is,because the formula one car in which speed is about 369.9km/h, lagging 24.3km/h behind.
Also able to carry passengers more than 3 airplanes at once, just imagine if the train is operating in Malaysia, the Johor trip from perlis only takes less than 3 hours only.

when the festive season is going to be easy, at morning can Raya in Johor mom in-law house,noon raya at perlis (balik kampung),night back home to Putrajaya .. hu hu.

Whatever this train is a advanced,fastest,longest in the world, congratulates China on the great progress of superb technology....

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Dawa berkata...|Reply This Comment|

china ni skjp je dia broke smo rekod2 dunia once dia dh tukar dasar buka pintu balik

Fairus Bin Mamat berkata...|Reply This Comment|


Tam berkata...|Reply This Comment|

tu la pasal,f1 punya keta berdesup pun takleh nak bersaing dengan kelajuan keretapi ni..bayangkan kalau kepala keretapi saja,mau cecah 450km/j...fuuu gayatt ooo.

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